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WBS Frequency Asked Questions


Q: When does school start? End?


A: School starts at 8:50am each morning. When students arrive they are to go to the back playground. Buses usually arrive around 8:40am. Students who walk to school or get rides, should not arrive before 8:40am. Students also have the option of coming into our Breakfast Program.

School ends at 3:30pm. The first buzzer goes at 3:25pm. Younger students are walked out to the bus at that time. If they are getting picked up, they wait in the front foyer. The older students pack up their belongings, etc. At the second bell they are dismissed.


Q: When is recess?


A: We have a balanced school day. That means the day is divided into 3 equal parts for learning. Students go outside twice a day.

8:50 – 9:00      Homeroom TimeRecess.png

9:00 β€“ 10:30    Block 1

10:30 β€“ 11:10  Nutrition and Activity Break

11:10 β€“ 12:40  Block 2

12:40 β€“ 1:30    Nutrition and Activity Break

1:30 β€“ 3:30      Block 3


Q: Do you have a cafeteria? What happens at lunch?


A: No, but we do have a canteen. It operates at 2nd break only. They sell cheese strings, milk, yogurt tubes and more. The middle years students help "work" the canteen as part of the leadership program.

Students in Grades 1 to 8 have access to a microwave in their classroom. Each teacher makes up a schedule around use of the microwave. Microwaves are for Microwave.jpguse at 2nd break only.

Fun Lunches are held once a month. Order forms go home about 2 weeks before each Fun Lunch.

Students are encouraged to have a water bottle at school. They can have it on their desks throughout the day. There is a refill station in the front foyer as well as by the gym. At Nutrition Break they can purchase milk from the canteen or fruit juice/sparkling water from the can drink machine. These drinks are for at Breaks only. Energy drinks and the like and pop are not allowed at school. They may be allowed at special events (ex. class party).


Questions.gifQ: If I have a concern or a question, what do I do?


A: You should contact the classroom teacher first in most cases. You can phone the school (204–389-2176) at any time during the day and leave a message with the secretary asking the teacher to give you a call when they are able to. You can also send emails to the teachers –  Parents can also use Edsby (middle years) or agendas (early years). If you need more information, or need to talk to the Principal or other staff member, please call.

If your child's end of day arrangements need to change, please be sure to communicate that via one of the ways listed above, or by calling the school secretary before 3:00 pm.

If your child is going to be absent, please call the school before 9 am. We have an answering machine that picks up when we are not here.


Q: What supplies does my child need?Supplies.jpg


A: All students in Evergreen School Division early and middle schools pay a school fee of $40.00. This covers all supplies. Students may be asked to provide personal items like water bottles, backpacks, painting shirts, etc.


Q: What behaviour is expected at school?


A: We have a School Agreement that guides us. It was developed by staff and students.

  1. We use kind words and actions.
  2. We respect ourselves and others.
  3. We respect our environment.
  4. We do our best.


Q: What is expected on the bus?


Bus.jpgA: Bus transportation is provided for eligible students to and from their place of residence.

Bus students who are not going home on the bus after school must have a signed note for the classroom teacher or the parent needs to call the school before 3:00 pm. If there is not a note, the student will go home on the bus as usual.

Please note: only eligible bus students can ride the bus. If you are not a regular bus student, you cannot go home on a bus. 

There is NO EATING on the bus.

It is expected that all students will exhibit appropriate behaviour on the school bus at all times. The safety of our students depends on the driver being able to drive without distraction.  Should a student exhibit inappropriate behaviour on a school bus, the misbehaviour will be dealt with in the following manner:

  1. The bus driver will meet with the student and outline expected behaviour.  The driver will complete a misconduct report and describe the action taken. This report is sent to the transportation department and the Principal of the school. The bus driver will contact the parents to discuss the situation.
  2. If inappropriate behavior continues, the consequences become more serious.  The school will continue to work with parents to consider all aspects of the problem and will examine all possible alternatives in order to take appropriate action.  This may include a temporary suspension of student's bus riding privileges for up to five days or if the problem continues permanent suspension from the bus.


Q: Why are there so many combined classes?


A: Evergreen School Division is a strong believer in combined classrooms. They exist in all of our early and middle schools. Combined classrooms usually contain 2 or more grades, and the students usually remain with that teacher for 2 or more years. Combined classes….Combined.jpg

  • allow for growth over time
  • allow for greater academic success
  • mimic a more family – like atmosphere
  • provide a wider range of relationships and social experiences
  • provide increased stability through an on-going relationship with the teacher.