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WBS Policies and Procedures



Technology is changing every day and schools are doing their best to help students maximize their use of this valuable learning tool. With all this will come even more emphasis on personal responsibility and using technology in appropriate ways, at appropriate times.Man.jpg

We want to remind all students (and families) of our "rules" and policies currently in place at WBS.


  • show all our computers and ICT equipment care and respect
  • no visiting of unauthorized sites
  • no "cyber - bullying" of any kind, towards staff or fellow students, both in and out of school
  • appropriate communication only

​RE: All Electronic Devices (I-pods, I – pads, cameras, cell phones, video games, etc.)

  • All electronic devices must be kept out of sight and turned off while on divisional transportation, during school related programs, on the playground, and in the classroom unless prior permission has been given by the classroom teacher (for example: individual teachers may decide to allow them during inside recess days; individual bus drivers may allow certain devices, etc.)
  • The use of these devices is not permitted in WBS or on WBS property, unless specific permission is given by the teacher/school.
  • In many courses and classrooms, there will be learning opportunities that incorporate the use of personal devices - teachers will invite students to use personal devices for educational purposes when it is appropriate to do so.  Unauthorized use of these devices disrupts the instructional program and distracts from the learning environment.
  • Students are to use the office phone to make contact with home; home is asked to direct any communication to their children through the office.
  • Photos are not to taken at school by students as there is "an expectation of privacy" unless it is a public event like a Christmas Concert, etc.; students must check with their teacher before taking any pictures
  • WBS or ESD will assume no responsibility in any circumstance for the loss, destruction, damage or theft of any personal electronic device.
  • Abuse of ICT, whether the device is from home or school, may result in disciplinary action.
  • School staff may confiscate these devices from students if they are used for unauthorized purposes or at unauthorized times.
  • Possible follow – up:

    1st infraction: confiscate device until end of day; return device to student; engage in conversation

    2nd infraction: confiscate device, contact parents; send home device at end of next school day

    3rd infraction: confiscate device for 1 week (7 days); parent contact

​4th infraction: confiscate device until end of school year; parent contact​

​ β€‹


 1.     Clothing with inappropriate messages is not to be worn at school (inappropriate images or text includes, but is not limited to, ones related to alcohol, drugs, sex, etc.)



  • All students need to wear proper footwear with hard soles at all times (i.e. not slippers).  This is for safety reasons.
  • If students wear sandals, flip flops, clogs ("crocs") etc. they should not be worn on the playground as these are not safe footwear for running, skipping, climbing, etc. (change into them when they come back inside if they wish).
  • All students must have a pair of shoes for gym that do not go outside, and have non-marking soles.

3.     HEADWEARShoes.png

  • No headwear of any kind inside the school (no hats, no bandanas, no hoods up, no toques, etc.).  This applies to both boys and girls. Religious / cultural headwear is an exception.


  • Students are expected to dress in good taste and in a manner suitable for the workplace.  Individuals who are dressed inappropriately will be asked kindly and discretely to change.
  • No item of clothing will be allowed that references drugs or alcohol, that is racist, sexist or discriminatory, or has any gang affiliations.
  • Sleepwear, i.e. clothing specifically designed for bedtime is not to be worn at school except on special events organized by the school.
  • Students are to be here ready to do their best job as learners each day. 


  • If students choose to wear sunglasses they need to be removed when indoors. 


It is expected that all students will exhibit appropriate behaviour on the school bus at all times. The safety of our students depends on the driver being able to drive without distraction.  Should a student exhibit inappropriate behaviour on a school bus, the misbehaviour will be dealt with in the following manner:

The bus driver will meet with the student and outline expected behaviour.  The driver will complete a misconduct report and describe the action taken. This report is sent to the transportation department and the Principal of the school. The bus driver will contact the parents to discuss the situation. 

 If inappropriate behavior continues, the consequences become more serious.  The school will continue to work with parents to consider all aspects of the problem and will examine all possible alternatives in order to take appropriate action.  This may include a temporary suspension of student's bus riding privileges for up to five days or if the problem continues permanent suspension from the bus.

 Remember the safety of all of our students is of utmost importance.  We need to work together as partners (home and school) to ensure that our students ride to and from school safely.




  • Students are NOT to bring any soft drinks (pop) or energy drinks to school for consumption during school hours.
  • They are not every day choices.
  • If students have an unopened one at school, it will be sent home.
  •  If they have an open one, it will be poured out.
  • All students and staff have access to water throughout the day and are encouraged to bring water/ water bottles to school. 
  • A bottle refill fountain is located in the front hall. 
  • Students are encouraged to bring / purchase fruit juices and milk for consumption at nutrition breaks.
  • Occasionally at special events (class parties), teachers may permit other choices.
  • This supports our efforts in regards to the Manitoba Healthy Schools initiative.




  • Our school utilizes a call back system regarding your child's absenteeism.
  • If your child is going to be absent for any reason, please call the school to indicate to us that your child will not be here and the reason for the absence.
  • If we do not hear from you, the secretary will phone you.
  • This call back arrangement will ensure that your child is safe and accounted for at all times.
  • It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to ensure that each child attend school regularly and punctually in accordance with the provisions of The Public Schools Act and of Evergreen School Division.




  • Just a heads up that when a teacher schedules the class to participate in a special event, be it a play, field trip, speaker, etc., he / she has made that decision with thought.Field Trip.gif
  • It is connected to something they are learning or to a component of the curriculum (example: viewing and representing in the ELA curriculum).
  • Students do not have the choice to "opt out" of these events, just as they don't have the choice to opt out of math or gym.
  • If as their parent you decide to "opt them out", then your child needs to stay home that day as our staff, planning and resources are assigned to the event.
  • If the "opt out" is due to a student's special needs, the circumstances are different and home and school would make plans together.
  • If you want to volunteer on field trips, you need to complete the necessary paperwork through the school (child abuse registry / criminal record check). These take a while to process; do not wait until May / June.




  • Parents: please ensure that your child is prepared for gym with proper running shoes.  
  • Sandals, rubber boots, crocs and flip flops are not appropriate footwear for gym participation. 
  • Middle Years students are expected to change into sweats/shorts and a full t-shirt for gym. 
  • This ensures proper hygiene, safety and ease of movement during our activities.Gym.jpg