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WBS General Information


Call back programCall back.png

If a student is going to be absent from school, parents are requested to phone the school by 9:00 a.m. or, if they know of absence ahead of time, to inform the classroom teacher in writing. If the school does not receive a phone call, or a written note, the school will phone the home to make certain the student is safe.


Change of name, address, telephone number

All changes of name, address, and telephone numbers should be reported to the office (including parents' work place and alternate contact in case of emergencies) as quickly as possible.


Request for student names and addresses

From time to time we receive requests from individuals or organizations for names and addresses of students in our school.  It is School Board Policy that we do not give student names and addresses to any individuals or organizations.


Bus InformationBus.png

Bus transportation is provided for eligible students to and from their place of residence.  Any requests for alternate arrangements MUST be directed, in writing to the Director of Transportation, Evergreen School Division. Bus students who are not going home on the bus after school must have a signed note for the classroom teacher or parent needs to contact office before 3:00 pm. If there is not a note, the student will go home on the bus as usual.



Each year we receive requests for students to be given medication during school hours.  In the interest of safety, parents must complete a form prior to the school administering medication.  These forms can be obtained from the office.  Where practical, all medication will be kept in the office. Please note that all medication must be brought to the school by an adult, in the original container.


Personal PropertyPersonal Property.jpg

Students are discouraged from bringing personal items of value to school.  The school is not responsible for loss or damage to these items.  We recommend that all clothing and supplies be clearly labelled in waterproof ink or marker so that lost items can be easily identified and returned to the student.


Library.jpgLibrary Books

If a student loses or damages a library book, he/she will be expected to pay a portion of the replacement cost.


Lost and FoundLost and Found.gif

A "lost and found" box is located in the main hallway.  These items are displayed a few times each year. Unclaimed items are sent to a charitable organization at the end of the school year.



Students are allowed, with parent permission, to ride bicycles to school.  All bicycles should be locked in the bicycle racks. The school cannot be responsible for any bicycles left on school property. All students are encouraged to wear a helmet, and are expected to follow appropriate bicycle safety rules at all times. When leaving the school grounds, bike riders must wait till the buses have left the bus loop before they exit.


Skateboards and Roller Blades/ScootersSkateboards.gif

Students are not to bring skateboards, roller blades, or scooters to school. Any type of footwear with rollers is not allowed in school.



Students have full access to the office phone and do not need to bring their own phones to school.  Students must ask for permission to use the phone.Cell PHone.png

Electronic Devices

Students are not to bring any electronic devices, including video games, toys, cell phones and cameras to school unless the teacher/school provides specific permission to do so. The school is not responsible for loss or damage to these items.



Due to the many allergies, asthma cases, and general sensitivity of others, students are not to bring any spray colognes to school. For hygiene purposes, students may bring roll on or stick deodorants.



Due to the many allergies, asthma cases, and general sensitivity of others, students are not to bring any pets / animals to school without making arrangements ahead of time with the classroom teacher.


Emergency Closing of the School

  • If the school is to be closed due to severe weather conditions or other, this decision will be communicated to the radio media and posted on the Evergreen School Division website.


Cold Weather Cold Weather.jpg

  • When the temperature reaches - 40°C or - 45°C with wind-chill, Evergreen School Division will make the decisions regarding school closure
  • Once the decision is made, it will be aired on the radio and posted on the ESD website and the WBS website
  • If the temperature is colder than -27°C with or without wind-chill, the principal will make the decision regarding indoor recesses
  • Students need to come to school prepared to be outside for breaks
  • it's important to dress in layers and ensure there are extra mitts, hats, etc. in your child's backpack 
  • Speaking of cold… Does your child need a coat for the winter?? What about boots?? Help with this is only a phone call away… Evergreen Basic Needs has coats and boots of all sizes for distribution. Just give them a call at 642 9736. Donations of boots and coats gratefully accepted as well. We want everyone to be warm this winter.


Soggy SocksSoggy Socks.jpg

  • Please remember how much kids love puddles and how they seem to find each other, every recess.
  • To help with this, we suggest sending extra socks, and wearing rubber boots and splash pants in the spring.
  • Nobody likes to sit around in soggy clothes.

Thanks for your help with this!


Emergency DrillsEmergency.jpg

  • We hold 10 fire drills each school year and 2 lockdown drills
  • These are to provide students with practice in making "smart" decisions in an emergency


Strong Beginnings

Strong Beginnings is an assessment period at the beginning of the school year where teachers gather student assessment data through observations, conversations, learning activities, paper/pencil tasks, and student reflections about interests and learning.

Strong Beginnings happens throughout the first few weeks of school but also includes two special days that are designated for conferences where students attend school by appointment. This process enables us to plan for a "Strong Beginning" for each student.

On their designated day, each student from Kindergarten to Grade Seven will attend school by appointment for 60 minutes.Strong Beginnings.gif

There will be NO regular classes on those two days. During the appointment, the student will meet individually with their teacher, as well as work with another teacher or Education Assistant.

This is an opportunity for teachers to gather data about each child's learning that may not be evident during whole class assessment activities. It is also a chance to further develop the teacher-student relationship.

Appointment times will be sent home early in September. Schedule changes are very difficult to accommodate.  Call the school if you have concerns.


Band Instruments Music.png

  • A reminder to all Grade 7 and 8 students to make the necessary arrangements around getting their instruments. Band is a compulsory part of the Middle Years Music Program and being prepared for class means having your instrument.


NSF Charges

  • Unfortunately due to the large number of NSF cheques we deal with each year, we have implemented a NSF charge.  If your cheque is returned, we will need payment in cash, as well as a $20.00 fee to cover bank charges.


Breakfast ProgramBP.jpg

  • All students are welcome to come and have a healthy start to their day by joining us for the Breakfast Program
  • Each morning we serve a nutritious breakfast.
  • Students enjoy a wide variety of items including toast, cereal, cereal bars, fruit cups, yogurt, milk and juice. 
  • The Breakfast Program runs each morning from 8:40-9:00 and is open to all students.


Parking.jpgParking Lot

In an effort to keep our parking lot as safe as possible and to make it more workable for more people, please follow the following "parking lots rules":

                  • No parking, no loading at the southeast end of the parking lot (area in front of main entrance sidewalk); this area is for drivers with a handicap parking pass only; nor is it a turnaround spot.
                  • Parents waiting for their children may park along the south sidewalk up to the no parking zone or along the sides of the parking lot
                  • Parents parking and coming into the school are asked to use any open spots along the  east and west sides
                  • Do not block other vehicles from leaving
                  • Please remember school zones are no idle zones as mandated by the province; do not leave your car running
                  • Please enter the parking lot from the west entrance and leave via the north exit


School Volunteers

  • If you are interested in volunteering at the school this year, please contact the office to complete a Child Abuse Registry Check / Criminal Record Check
  • Please note that all volunteers for any function or activity in the school need to do this paperworkVolunteer.png
  • The process can take a while, so please do it early in the year


Student Pick-Up – During School Hours

  • If for any reason you are picking up your child during school hours, please report to the office first, as you need to sign your child out.  The secretary will call your child out of class. This helps us keep track of students in the building should there be a fire drill etc.


Peanut Free SchoolPeanut Free.png

  • This means that some students have life threatening allergies and for many children, that is to peanuts.  We ask families to not send peanut butter sandwiches or products containing peanuts. 


Nutrition Break Reminders

  • Eating Utensils: We do NOT provide cutlery; please ensure your child comes with the necessary utensils to eat his / her food items 
  • At 2nd Nutrition Break: Bring only foods that need reheating; not frozen foods. 
  • Frozen food zapping hogs the microwave and because other kids are waiting in line, it creates big problems.



  • Gym Floors take a lot of wear and tear, and a lot of special care, money and attention goes into keeping them in good shape; students must not wear outside shoes in the gym and there is no eating or drinking in the gym
  • Just a reminder all students need shoes for the gym that do not go outside; they should also be non-marking soles (usually white soles). 
  • In the fall and late spring, students may wear their outdoor shoes, inside (as long as they are clean and dry)
  • In the winter months and on rainy days, students must take their outdoor footwear off upon entering the building, and change into other footwear



  • Students from our MY make up our School Recycling Team
  • Every classroom in our school has a bin for recycling
  • We also have recycling bins in the hallway and outside courtesy of Recycle Everywhere
  • Thank you to our student volunteers who collect the recycling and prepare it for pick –up
  • We also participate in the Bag It Up Challenge by collecting plastic bags so they don't end up in the dump


Beverage ChoicesBeverage.jpg

  • Students are NOT to bring any soft drinks (pop) or energy drinks to school for consumption during school hours.
  • They are not every day choices. If students have an unopened one at school, it will be sent home. If they have an open one, it will be poured out.
  • All students and staff have access to water throughout the day and are encouraged to bring water/ water bottles to school. 
  • A bottle refill fountain is located in the front hall. 
  • Students are encouraged to bring / purchase fruit juices and milk for consumption at nutrition breaks.
  • Occasionally at special events (class parties), teachers may permit other choices.
  • This supports our efforts in regards to the Manitoba Healthy Schools initiative.


Student Helpers

  • Our older students have started on many of the student helper jobs around the school
  • We have students who are helping in the Early Years classrooms at Nutrition Break, in the canteen, as morning announcers, at assemblies and as gym helpers.
  • Keep an eye out for them and let them know when they're doing a great job!
  • We really appreciate all the ways they help out their school.


Morning EntryMorning.jpg

  • There is no student entry in the morning before 8:50 am.
  • There is an adult supervisor on the playground starting at 8:40 am.
  • When you drop your children off, they need to head to the back playground.
  • We do not provide "babysitting services" in the front lobby.
  • Thank you for your understanding.


Parent Council

  • PAC meets once a month.  See the calendar for the next meeting date.
  • Meetings are usually held in the school library
  • They run from 6:30 – 7:45 approximately
  • All parents and community members are welcome


Fun Lunch.jpgFun Lunch

  • Are held once a month usually
  • Order forms go home about 2 weeks prior and are due 1 week prior



Year - End Reports Reports.gif

  • Report cards will be handed out just before dismissal on the last day
  • If you are planning on NOT sending your child for the last day, we will release their report card early if provided with a signed parent note stating their last school day.
  • If you are leaving before the last week, you can provide us with $2.00 for postage and we will mail out the report card and other year - end information.
  • Any unclaimed report cards will be available for pick up when school starts in September. 
  • Thank you.