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volunteer.jpgBecoming a volunteer at RCI

Volunteers make valuable contributions to the school.

This page is intended to provide prospective volunteers with the information they need to play an active role in the school-community.

All volunteers must be familiar with the Evergreen School Division's administrative procedures for school volunteers. As well, all volunteers much also complete a Child Abuse Registry Check before working with students.  (See the links below to access all required documents.)

These three items must be in place before adult volunteers who coach a school team, organize an after-school club, or accompany a group on an overnight trip as a chaperone :

  • Child Abuse Registry Check
  • Criminal Record Check
  • Volunteer Confirmation Form

Once a prospective volunteer has successfully completed the above, he or she may be eligible to work with students in the school.

Volunteers must also be aware of all school division procedures related to confidentiality, disclosure, discipline and emergencies.

Volunteeris.jpgr coaches are required to successfully complete the "Respect in Sport" course prior to taking on a coaching role in the school .This course is  designed as a tool to assist coaches in identifying and dealing with abuse, neglect, harassment, and bullying in sport. Click the icon to be taken to the Sport Manitoba website.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What do I have to if I want to volunteer in the school?

Make an appointment to meet with the principal. You will learn about the steps you need to go through to become a school volunteer.

I want to get involved in the school, but I don't know what kinds of things I can do? How should I volunteer my time?

Different people have different strengths. There are many roles for school volunteers. Some adults enjoy helping in the library or classroom working directly with students. Others may want to run an extra curriculuar activity such as a club or activity group.

What about if I want to coach a sports team?

There are lots of ways to become involved in school sports, including coaching, refereeing, or helping out at tournaments. Interested volunteers should first contact the Physical Education teacher.

I am waiting for my criminal record and child abuse registry check. Can I volunteer while I am waiting for the report to be sent?

The Child Abuse Registry Check and Criminal Record Check must be successfully completed and Volunteer Confirmation Form must be signed and submitted before you start as a school volunteer.

There are a lot of administrative procedures to follow. I just want to volunteer my time. Do I need to know all those procedures?

Volunteers need to have a good understanding of the procedures that directly affect them. However, a simple way of familiarizing yourself with these procedures is to meet with the principal, who can go over the items you need to know, respond to any questions you may have, and help to make your volunteer experience a positive one

Before you begin...

School Trips

If you are serving as a coach of a sports team or are in charge of a group that will be taking trips out of the school, you will need complete some of these documents when planning an out-of-school trip.

If you are taking students on a trip outside the school - for example a sports team competing at another school, you will need to plan the activity according to the Field Trip Check List.

Most trips require the following:

  • Bus requisition
  • Consent of Parent/Guardian: Low Risk
  • Field Trip Proposal Form A
Be sure to meet with the school principal if you have any questions about your obligations as a school volunteer.