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We have attempted to place on this page most of the resources that parents may require. Be sure to view the FAQ (frequently asked questions) page accessible from the menu bar at the top of this page.


A seperate page has been developed to provide all the information you need about becoming a volunteer at RCI. Access the volunteers page here.

Advisory Council

We welcome the participation of parents and community memebers in the formation of an Advisory Council.  Prospective members are encouraged to call the school for information as to how you can become involved.

Riverton Community Music Alliance

The Riverton Community Music Alliance (RCMA) is an organization made up of parents and interested community members. The group carries out activities in support of the Band and Choral programs.

School Fees

It is our intention to minimize costs that parents / families face. We feel that any student should be able to attend school without incurring any additional costs.

Depending on the program choices that students and their families make, there may be costs from time to time. For example:


Student in progams like Metals or Woods or Art may complete the program without additional costs. However, some may choose to take on more elaborate projects, and are responsible for additional costs.

Students in Home Ec / Clothing, Housing and Design may be charged a small materials fee. Students get to keep their personal project and need to pay for the materials, typically around $20 for the average project. Students may be charged for materials used in goods that are intended for the student to take home for personal use.  It is our practice to take steps to ensure that such fees do not impact upon a students' decision to take a course.


Students in the Band program may face instrument rental charges. Rental agreements are typically established between parents and private companies such as Long and McQuade or St. John's Music. The school is not a party to these rental agreements.

Students must pay fees for instruments they may rent from the school.

Extra Curricular and Field Trips

Sports and tournament fees are covered by the school as much as possible. Costs associated with travel and tournaments - meals and accomodation for example - are beyond the school's responsibility. Additional sports fees may arise should teams participate in additional tournaments

From time to time, fees may be charged for field trips, team trips or special events to recover actual expenses, including transportation, accommodation, meals, entrance fees and equipment rental

Students pay for and keep their own sports uniforms, though we do have some that can be loaned to those who do not wish to purchase their own uniform.

Other Costs

Anything for which the student / family receives value and is optional is not considered a fee - for example, student photos, school clothing, etc..

Student fees

Grade 8 A $40/student school fee is collected to cover the cost of supplies, student card,​​ field trips, sports and other school related activities.​

Grade 9-12 - For the 2016-2017 school year, RCI wil charge a student fee of $20.00 per student. Each paid student fee includes a student card and a $10 discount on the purchase of a yearbook

Student fees should be paid the first week of classes. Payment may be made in the school office. Cheques may be made out to "Riverton Collegiate". A receipt will be issued upon payment.

A portion of t​hese fees is used to support school spirit events and other such actitivies carried out by students, for students.

Students are not required to pay student fees, but will not be eligible for the benefits of paying student fees. These include:

  • a $10 coupon towards school yearbook
  • a student card
Fee payment is first applied to any outstanding charges the student may have incurred, such as lost or damaged book charges. β€‹

Repeater Courses

Students who sign up to take a repeater course are required to pay a fee of $50 prior to registration in the course. Repeater courses are much like summer school courses that are offerred in other school jurisdictions, but are completed during the school year. Students must have unsuccessfully completed a course to qualify for a repeater course.