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What is a Middle School

Ok, perhaps the question should be - What should a middle school look like? 

Well, this is what we know about middle school age students - they are in a transition from childhood to adolescence.  Although adolescence is often characterized by increased independence and a desire for knowledge and exploration, it is also a time when brain changes can result in high-risk behaviors, addiction vulnerability, and mental illness, as different parts of the brain mature at different rates. It is also in middle years that life skills, and children's role as a citizen and community member, indeed their place in the human family becomes important. Finally, it is a time when they develop their self image and hone their learning skills. 

So, based upon these characteristics of middle years students what should a good middle school look like?

- Students will also be offered choices and variety in learning experiences (in and out of school)

- Leadership opportunities will be offered to students in and out of the classroom

- Programming in the Arts will be evident.

- Finally, programming that enables students to make positive life choices in the following areas will be present:

~ Decision Making

~ Conflict Resolution

~ Drug/Alcohol Awareness

~ Healthy and active lifestyles​