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Grade 8 Program

Grade Eight Programming - Dr. George Johnson Middle School

Preparing students for high school is an important task of middle schools. This is especially true when it comes ot sucess in grade nine. Grade nine is the first and most important step to high school completion. Students who miss credits in grade nine have much more difficulty completing high school. Why is high school important? Besides the obvious, some studies have shown that people who do not complete high school live 10 year's less then those who do! To ensure the most successful and smooth transition to Gimli High School students from Winnipeg Beach and Gimli catchement ares attend grade 8 at DGJS.

1. Additional (Exploratory) Programming tailored to Grade 8’s

- Explorations

- Visual Arts

- ICT (Photoshop)

- Cooking

- 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teenagers (character building/ study habits program)

- Technology Education at GHS (Woods, Home Ec, Power Mechanics)

- Health and Lifestyle focussed Workshops Young Entrepreneurs Dating Violence, Mood Disorders, 

Drug and Alcohol Abuse, Self-Image, Self-Harm, etc

2. Athletics 

- Higher calibre of competition (competing against Selkirk, Interlake, and Winnipeg schools) in addition to Evergreen Schools

- All cost covered by school

3. Community Service Focus

- i.e Evergreen Basic Needs, Playgroup Partners, Daycare, Betel Seniors Home, Peer Mediators, Peer Tutors, Kiwanis, Gimli Seniors Programs, school based 

(World Wildlife Fund, Daffodil Days,etc) 

4. Advanced Study Option

- Grade Nine courses at GHS / Independent Study Options at DGJS

- Opportunity to obtain high school credit

- All costs covered by school

5. Support for struggling learners

- After school homework club

- Noon Study hall

  - Remedial classes

- Academic Advisory Program (support team for struggling learners)

6. Special Projects

- Drama Productions (i.e. Romeo & Juliet) / Workshops

- 30 Hour Famine

- O Ambassadors (school based program for global change through Oprah Winfrey)

- Field Trips and Retreats (i.e. Minneapolis, Camp Arnes)

7. Band 

- Necessary preparation for participation in Gimli High School Band

- More Band info HERE

8.  Relationships

When surveyed, students from the Winnipeg Beach area who have attended Dr. George Johnson School, reported that building relationships with other students was the number one reason why attending Dr. George Johnson School was important to them. The following is a sampling of the surveys:

“I would lose some friends if I didn’t come here”

“Because kids from DGJS are really nice and we are all in friendships with everyone”

“Meet the people you will go through high school with”

“Make new friends at DGJS”

“Build relationships you need in HS”

“They would not know anyone in HS and HS is intimidating enough”

“Gr. 8 was so much fun”

“Better band class”

“Better sports”

“At DGJS you have to take more responsibility for your learning”

“More clubs and activities”

“It welcomes the Beacher’s to Gimli”

“It prepared us for high school”

“They would miss Explorations”

“Because Gr. 8 was awesome”