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What Our Students Have to Say

Here is a sampling of what our students have to tell us about our school...

I like the fact that it's so easy to make friends here and the teachers are very nice. The curriculums are not too easy and not too hard, so it's a challenge

I like our school because it is not highly populated so you know almost everyone. It is also a unique and different school because we have a crazy fun principal and awesome students and teachers. We also do something for our community, like our sponsor child.

I like: The teachers The principle The kids in my class and grade The subjects The T.A's THE SCHOOL!! i don’t think we need anything to improve our school it is one of the best schools i have gone to ever and i love it the way it is!

I like that this school has a bigger gym, pizza day, a whole lot of a bigger playground, and a whole whack of a lot of other things.

I like the different programs at our school. Such as the book club, the drama club and the chess club.

Well i am new at this school and i am really enjoying it, it seems to have a lot of nice kids so i can get along with them. The teachers respect us and how we learn. I like all three of my teachers. i really like my school.

I like how there's a lot of activities at this school.

I love my Teachers at my School because they are always understanding and kind. They listen to our problems and i feel comfortable talking to them about things,with out them judging me

I love school so much. i am involved in lots of clubs, and my friends are great. i wouldn't change anything. everything is fine.

I like the art class which is explorations and I like social studies and english.

i like about this school is the library, its a pretty big school, nice play ground, and the best teachers. How they do sponsors n fundraising, and fun stuff for the whole school.

I like - 1) everyone is so nice 2) you are accepted for who you are 3) teachers help a lot if you are having troubles with something

I like my school because i feel safe here and i also like to see my friends that i cant see everyday out of school. another thing i like is school dances, activities, and spirit week. i like the clubs at our school and i like to fundraise with my school.

I like how it feels that everyone here is one big family. Like the people (teachers, students and others) are really close. I also like the fun activities.

I really like that you can go to study hall whenever you want. Not just if you are extremely behind on your work. I also like that the teachers actually teach you stuff that is new and interesting. I love that our school has after school activities.​