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Welcome to Dr. George Johnson School where you will find the awkward, confusing, hormonally charged world of middle school! A time during which kids grapple with schoolwork, puberty, romance, identity, jobs, and new kinds of relationships with their parents and peers. It is the baffling no-man's-land between child and teen, the time when children don't want to grow up, and so badly do.

Catering to such a unique clientele requires special people and special efforts. Middle years schooling means that we consolidate skills learned in the early years while developing new ones that will serve children as adults. While our school focuses on reading as the academic entry point to all subjects and success in the future, developing awareness of their abilities and strengths, as well as pro-social behavior in all our students is at the core of resiliency development and student engagement. It requires strength based approaches built upon the belief that every child has potential and unique abilities which will direct their journey in life, and help them define who they are.
Such a school must be a caring school, and so with this in mind our school community has come together to apply this acronym to describe and guide our school – C.A.R.E “Cultivating Abilities, Resiliency, Engagement and Empathy”. By becoming a CAREing school we are also able to strive to meet the goals of Evergreen’s Strategic plan in the areas of Citizenship, Student Engagement, and Sustainability in many ways. In addition, we have built C.A.R.E. upon three beliefs about our students and what our job is as educators and parents:

1. Every student can achieve success
2. Every student is worth our time and effort
3. Relationships matter​​​