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Principal's Message

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Greetings and welcome to our community!

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the Dr. George Johnson Middle School community. Dr. George Johnson is Evergreen School Division’s only middle school, serving students in grades 5 to 8. This unique circumstance has allowed us to tailor our school philosophy and programming directly to this distinct group of learners. Besides being an excellent academic experience (we were one of Manitoba’s highest performing schools in the 2009 Programme for International Student Assessment), attending Dr. George Johnson School is a perfect transition and “dress rehearsal” for high school. In a safe and supportive small school environment, students will begin to assume more responsibility for their learning, become more self-aware as individuals and form new friendships which will smooth the move to a new and larger school. 

Most importantly our school believes that we need to be providing more to our students then instruction in how to read, write and calculate. We also need to immerse them in an educational experience in Democracy. What we mean by this is what author Benjamin Barber would call an “apprenticeship in liberty” - participation in the life of the school, and community; appreciation of the great diversity of humanity; and a deep seeded empathy for the value of each human life.

Please share with your child's teacher any information regarding his or her special needs that will help us effectively serve your family. We believe that communication among parents, students, and teachers is critical in assuring student success.

We hope this web site will provide you with a thorough overview of our school. I invite you to review it carefully and if any questions remain regarding the school and its programs, do not hesitate to speak to your child's teacher or myself.

Jim obtained his B.A and B.Ed from St. Francis Xavier University, and his M.Ed. from the University of Manitoba. 

Mr. Jim Gibbs