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Guidance Centre

The Guidance Centre offers a wide range of guidance and counselling services to address the diverse needs of the school community, such as classroom-based education and individual guidance.  In order to provide the best possible support, we continually adapt our services and refer onwards in response to ever-changing needs.  Although the school guidance counselor provides information and collaborates with many different people, our first professional responsibility is to the needs of our students.  The guidance counsellor is a student-advocate.


1. Career / Post-Secondary

  • Career Counselling β€” Providing general career guidance and personalized support to students making decisions relating to their future.
  • RΓ©sumΓ©s and Cover Letters β€” Helping students develop rΓ©sumΓ© and cover letters for job application.
  • Post-Secondary Education β€” Provide information, and material about post-secondary options, programs of study, and educational institutions. Work with students and post-secondary schools through information-seeking, the application process, and scholarship opportunities. 
  • Scholarships, Awards, and Financial Aid β€” Provide information and resources on financial aid and external scholarships. Assist students in the pursuit of community-based scholarships and awards.


2. Education

  • Classroom-Based Education β€” Linking guidance education with specific learning outcomes by providing instruction to prevent and intervene upon issues that may affect school success.
  • Information and Resources β€” Providing students, parents, and teachers with information, resources, and support.


3. Academics

  • Academic Accommodations β€” Supporting students who may be struggling to salvage credits or are requiring academic accommodations.
  • Academic Counselling β€” Assisting students with the development of short-term and long-term academic goals.
  • Special CreditsSupporting students who wish to pursue credits for activities outside of the traditional classroom, including Community Service Credit, Special Language Credit, Private Music Credit and Cadets.
  • Course Timetabling β€” Helping students choose their courses based on goals.
  • Distance Learning β€” Providing information for students interested in taking courses through distance education and facilitating independent study options.
  • Graduation Requirements β€” Ensuring students are on-track for graduation through regular credit checks and counseling.
  • New Registrations/Transfers β€” Supporting new and transfer students through the process of changing schools.
  • Transition Planning β€” Planning for transitions and assisting students transferring from one education level to another.


4. Counselling (Solution-Focused)

Crisis Counselling β€” Supporting students when unplanned events and situations arise by helping them to address immediate and urgent issues.

Individual Counselling β€” Helping students to communicate their issues, understand their concerns, and develop an action-orientated and solution-focused plan.

Mediation β€” Helping two or more people resolve a dispute.

Referrals β€” Referring students to school division clinical staff, external agencies, or other professional services.

Small-Group Counselling β€” Addressing common needs or concerns in a group setting.

Student Advocacy β€” Advocating for students and teaching self-advocacy, responsibility taking, decision-making and appropriate independence.



Several groups have been created on Edsby to provide direct information to students and parent/guardians.  These include the following:


Guidance Centre – News, events, and resources.

Post-Secondary – Career and education planning for β€œlife after GHS”.

Scholarships & Awards – Community and external financial opportunities.

Volunteering & Employment – Opportunities for volunteerism and employment.


Getting in Touch

To accommodate the volume of needs, students and parents/guardians are encouraged to make an appointment:


Email: (gr.9) (gr. 10) (gr. 11 & 12)

Edsby message to either guidance counsellor

Phone:  (204) 642-8546

Message:  Main Office (Janique or Wendy)



- Ms. Bauer , Ms. Dankochik & Ms. Noble, School Guidance Counsellors