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Career and Technology Studies

​​About Career and Technology Studies (CTS)

Career and Technology Studies:

Evergreen School Division has identified a commitment to, "engage students in learning to become contributing citizens of a democratic society", and recognizes that student learning is enhanced through the formation of partnerships with community sponsors.

The Career and Technology Studies (CTS) strategy creates personalized learning opportunities for students by providing them with community-based learning experiences.  This type of internship, in combination with in-school programming, is designed to meet the needs of students and promote a sustainable future for our communities.


Opportunities Associated With CTS Include:

  1. Students have the ability to pursue a Pathway Certificate as a supplement to his or her High School diploma, which expands opportunities for life after graduation.
  2. The CTS strategy features an Industrial Technology pathway, a Human Services pathway, and a newly formed Applied Media pathway.
  3. Community-based Internships can be facilitated for students in grade eleven or twelve as a complement to his or her traditional high school programming.
  4. Students may also have an opportunity to begin 'trades training' as a registered apprentice in the High School Apprenticeship Program (HSAP).


CTS Programming Requirements:

CTS students can obtain credits toward graduation by participating in courses that are part of approved CTS pathways. Management Skills 40S is a course that is approved in all three pathways and is a prerequisite for all other community-based Internship or Apprenticeship experiences. Community-based Internship agreements are voluntary, unpaid positions, and Apprenticeship agreements are paid positions.


For more information about CTS, contact Shelly Dankochik, CTS Co-ordinator for Gimli High School at