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​Gimli High School is located along the western shores of Lake Winnipeg in Gimli, Manitoba, Canada, and serves Grades 9-12.

Our Vision: At Gimli High School we strive to be, "A caring community of engaged learners."

Our Mission: At Gimli High School, we aim to develop citizens who will be responsible, respectful, open-minded, independent, and engaged.

Our Values: While pursuing our aim, we value:

  • The voice of students, staff, and parents; ο‚·
  • Diversity in programming; 
  • A safe, caring, and inclusive environment; 
  • Positive relationships and a sense of community, and;
  • Social consciousness and environmental responsibility.

Our School Goals: Throughout our three year school plan (2013-2016), teaching and learning will become more deliberately and effectively connected to:

1. The principles of resiliency in staff and students.

2. Enhancing approaches that embrace the principles of diversity.

3. Enhancing successful academic and social transitions for our students.