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Arborg Early Middle School
Programs & Services

The homeroom teacher teaches the regular academic programs in Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and Health . We do have specialized teachers in the areas of Music, Physical Education, Basic French, Art, Reading Recovery, Resource, Guidance Counselling and a Educational Psychologist.

Music Program
AEMYS offers a general music program in Grades K-6, which includes a strong emphasis on movement, percussion (Orff) and creativity as well as the basics of music. 

Band Program
Our band program is available for our grade 7-8 students. The band​ β€‹program takes place at Arborg Collegiate on Tuesdays and Thursdays. β€‹

Physical Education Program
Our program follows the Manitoba Curriculum and emphasizes movement, basic skills in a variety of sports (in Middle Years), as well as the importance given to participation by all , good sportsmanship and the appreciation of well being. A sport program is offered for the Middle Years during noon hour as well as volleyball, basketball, and badminton for Grade 7 and 8 students after school. These teams take part in competition with schools within the Evergreen School Division and other neighboring schools. In winter, a curling program is offered for grade 4-8 students. In addition, our school offers Track and Field days and hosts the Divisional Track meet in June of every year for the Middle Years students. We also conduct a Track Club for Middle Years Students.

Basic French
A French specialist provides grades 5 to 8 students with French Language instruction with a focus on oral language.

An Art Specialist provides grade 5 to 8 students with instruction exposing students to various techniques and artistic media.

Resource Program

Resource Teachers in the school provide help to the classroom teachers. The resource program plays a key role in identifying and programming for children with special learning needs. Presently there are many students monitored by the resource program with several students on an Individualized Educational Plan.

Guidance Program

The main focus of the counsellor will be on programs conducted in the classrooms on such topics as bullying, anger management, peer pressure, character education and many other topics on getting along with others. In addition small group interventions in areas such as social skills , aggression, and family breakup will be addressed. Individual counselling will occur as the need arises.

Reading Recovery

A first grade early intervention program designed to accelerate the literacy development of children who do not yet exhibit the early literacy skills required for successful classroom experience.  Each identified child participates in an  intensive daily 30 minute pull-out session, for 10 to 16 weeks, with a teacher trained in Reading Recovery methodology. The  program is based on the premise that early intervention is most successful for the student.

Student Support Services

Our schools have the support of a Home/School Liaison Worker, Speech Pathologist and visiting physiotherapists that collaboratively work with teachers and parents in providing essential supports to our student population.

EAL (English as an Additional Language)
The EAL program assists students whose first language is not English. The students are divided into peer and ability groupings for Educational Assistant and Resource Teacher pull-out interventions. The program focuses on language concept learning for the very early language learners and English language grammar, reading & comprehension, English language classroom support for assignments, as well as post teaching of in-class assignments for the older students. Programming is planned through collaboration and discussion between the designated EA and Resource Teacher.