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Arborg Early Middle School

School.jpgArborg Early/Middle Years School is a Grade Kindergarten-8 complex located on David Street in Arborg, Manitoba. This school welcomed its first students in September of 1967. At the time it was called the Arborg Elementary School. It was meant to be a facility for all students from Kindergarten to Grade 8. Unfortunately, it was too small, so the Grades K-2 students remained behind in the old school. As well the Special Education class became part of the school system and was housed in a small rural school building next to the old school. That year a decision was made to form a Junior High School, so in September of 1968, the Grade 7 and 8 students returned to the old school and the early years and special education classes began attending our school. Once again, we were overcrowded! That year the Kindergarten class attended school at the Arborg High School. With the addition of two portable classes, they were able to return to our school the following September. We remained a K-6 school until June 1992. In September, 1992, with an addition of another portable classroom, the Grade 7 and 8 classes returned to this school to make it a truly Early and Middle Years School.
At present there are 273 students attending our school from approximately 186 families. Over half of our student population is rural and therefore bussed to school.
The School's professional staff of 18.5 includes a full time Principal, a full time Resource Teacher, a 35% Reading Recovery Teacher, and a 50% school counsellor. Twelve Educational Assistants work with the Resource Teacher and classroom teachers in providing support to students. In this school, there is an important emphasis placed on using a collaborative approach among staff for the planning and delivery of programs. The staff also includes one secretary, one library clerk, two custodians and a dayman.