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Career and Community Internships and Apprenticeships

Career and Community Internships

Internships create opportunities for students by providing them with personalized, community-based learning experiences.  This type of authentic learning environment, in combination with in-school programming, is designed to meet the diverse needs of our students and promote a sustainable future for our communities. 

High School Apprenticeship (HSAP)

If you are at least 16 years old, you may be able to begin training in one of the over 50 recognized trades offered by the Apprenticeship Branch.   As a high school apprenticeship student, you can combine in-school academic core credits with as many as eight credits earned outside of school while being mentored by a trained trade's expert.  While acquiring marketable skills, you will be paid, and you will be working toward high school graduation, and trade certification.


Community Internships & High School Apprenticeship Contacts 

Arborg Collegiate

Gail Kreutzer


Gimli High School

 Shelly Dankochik


Riverton Collegiate

Gail Kreutzer



Divisional Career Development Consultant:  Gail Kreutzer                     (204) 642-1718