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​Safe Online Schooling
Important information for Parents and Caregivers
Have an online safety question? Connect with us here or toll free at 1-800-532-9135

-  Read our latest Cybertip! Alert about the increased risk kids face with additional screen time during this time and how to keep them safe
-  Follow these tips for safe online homeschooling
-  Learn more about the online risks your kids may be facing, and what you can do at Protect Kids Online
-  Explore our online and personal safety resources, some of which are free to download

Stay-At-Home Resources   

​1.  Movement                                                                                               
     1.01  Active Screen Time
     1.02  Indoor Activities & Games
     1.03  Non-Screen Activities
     1.04  Sworkit Kids
     1.05  Yogaverse: Demo
     1.06  Physical Education, Healthy Eating, Emotion Well-Being Resources
              (Grades K - 3 and 4 - 6)
     1.07  Fun Activities for Kids!
     1.08  The Ballet Coach
              Imaginative ballet fun for toddlers to teens
     1.09  The Little Gym
              Four fun free gymnastic lessons released every Thursday!
              Categories: Toddlers, 3-6, 6-12 years
     1.10  NHL Jets Young Athletes Series Fitness Training (Ages 10-13 Years)
     1.11  Jets at Home Hockey Development

​2.  I'm Bored
     2.01  Things I Can Do
     2.02  Family Boredom Busters
     2.03  Should I Worry About Extra Screen Time Right Now?
     2.04  NHL Jets Activity Zone for Kids
     2.05  Moose Hockey Activity Book for Kids
     2.06  Roll Some Brain Breaks
     2.07  IKEA: 6 Ways to make forts out of furniture and home objects
     2.08  100 Summer Activities for Kids

​3.  Routines
     3.01  My Daily Learning Projects
     3.02  Daily Schedule (can customize)
     3.03  Tips for Parents on School at Home: What Role do Executive Skills                        Play?" 
     3.04  Action for Happiness - Joyful June Calendar
              (Keep calm, stay wise and be kind)

​4.  Positivity & Family Connection
     4.01  Positivity Board Game (Free Printable)
     4.02  Self-Esteem Colouring Journal for Girls
     4.03  Kindness Creates Happiness! (Kindness Challenge - Family Edition)
     4.04  Super Fun Ideas/Activities for Families During Covid-19: Kids for Peace
     4.05  Fun & Safe Activities to Do with Your Kids at Home!
     4.06  Connect With Your Child: 20 Activities for 20 Minutes
     4.07  100 Fitness Ideas for Fun Family Time!
     4.08  10 Days to Strengthen Your Family Bond

​5.  Growth Mindset/Mindfulness
     5.01  Stay-At-Home Resources
     5.02  Mindfulness
     5.03  15 Mindfulness and Relaxation Apps for Kids
     5.04  Moodgym
     5.05  Big Life Journal
          5.05.1  Free Resources
          5.05.2  Stay-At-Home Printable Pack
     5.06  I Am Present (Free app for families)-Enjoy a little family mindfulness
     5.07  45 Growth Mindset Mantras
     5.08  Mindful Moments - Winnipeg Jets - Project 11's 21 Day Challenge!

​6.  Self Regulation
     6.01  Big Life Journal: Podcast for Kids
     6.02  Big Feelings Come and Go: Storybook
     6.03  Making It Stick Parenting - Social/Emotional Learning
     6.04  Challenging Behaviours - Try out these great parenting cue cards!
     6.05  Tips for Parents of Young Children
     6.06  Positive Discipline Toolbox - Pick one a week!
     6.07  5 Fun Games to Teach Your Child Sef-Regulation (Ages 3-10)
     6.08  Self-Regulation and Coping Skills Picture Poster
    6.09  Identifying and Expressing Feelings
    6.10  Make a Calming Box
    6.11  Positive Communication - I Messages
    6.12  Feel Brave Emotion Card Game Ideas
             - Printable Feelings & Emotions Cards

Upcoming Webinars/Video Links
  1. KidThink (Watch Free on Demand)
      - Mindfulness for Children and Caregivers
      -  What is Mindfulness?
      -  Parenting in Times of Uncertainty

  2. NHL Jets Project 11 Mental Wellness Summit (Replay)

  3. KidThink Events

  4. Sesame Street and CNN: The ABC's of COVID

  5. Be Strong Families, Daily Webinars
    Staying Strong and Positive for Ourselves and Our Children
    During COVID-19

    In the midst of physical distancing and self-quarantine, Be Strong Families is offering opportunities to online learn and grow and share together!  Since March 23rd, we have been offering Monday-Friday noontime (1:30 Espanol) CDT webinars on topics related to Staying Strong and Positive for Ourselves and Our Children During COVID-19. 

  6. "Time to Unplug? How Screen Time Impacts the ADHD Brain"
    Free Webinar Replay (1 Hour)
  7. Here is a very good video featuring a LEGO PM Justin Trudeau explaining CoVid-19 in kid friendly language. Enjoy!!

  8. Social Story: What is the Corona Virus?
    Just for Kids: A Comic Exploring The New Corona Virus

  9. "Time to Come in Bear" A children's story about social distancing

  10. "Before You Hit Send" Parent Presentation (Facebook)
    Online Safety Facebook Page for Parents/Students with daily/weekly tips
    (Appropriate for parents to watch with Grade 5 - 12 student)

-  WE Well-Being Playbook
      -  Remember the Basics
      -  Taking on Challenges

Growth Mindset Podcasts for Teens

Autism Resources

Autism Speaks Canada​                                                                                                                  -  National Autism Association
Kerry's Place: Autism Resources                                                                                                    Social Story: What is the Corona Virus?

Indigenous Resources

-  Dancing to Eagle Spirit Society                                                                                                  -  Storytellers/Languages (all ages)
-  Four Directions Teachings                                                                                                              Meet incredible Inuit storyteller Michael Kusugak. Dozens of other
-  Nish Tales: Walking and Talking with Nanabush (Ojibwe videos and games)                                opportunities to meet storytellers, artists, museum curators
-  CBC Kids Indigenous Resources (cool games, comics and facts for kids)                                       and more!
-  Ravens Quest TVO Kids (Discover the lives of Indigenous kids today)                                        
-  David Bouchard's Seven Sacred Teachings Book (PDF and Youtube)                                         -  Powwow Sweat: Crow Hop Steps  |  Double Beat (Youtube)    
N'we Jinan Music Videos:  Website Youbtube Channel                                                           -  Connect R - Reconciliation (all ages)  
 -  Manitoba First Nations Resource Centre Inc.:                                                                           -   Medicine Wheel Self Care & Well-Being During COVID-19
    Activities/Resources for Families at Home (All Ages)​                                                               -   35 Books to Read for National Indigenous History Month

We Matter Campaign -  Inspirational videos with messages of hope and   
   resiliency for Indigenous youth

​Teen Health and Resources
-  Kids Help Phone: Teen Line  [Phone: 1-888-322-3019  or  Text: 686868]
-  Mindfulness for Teens
-  Peer Support: Canadian Mental Health Association

Teen Resources for Stress Reduction
    - Teen Talk                               Mind Your Mind
    - Stress [Hacks]                       Kids Health: Teens Yoga
    - Anxiety Canada                     - Teen Yoga: Youtube
​Parents Corner

Need Home Internet?
Government Initiative - "Connecting Families"   |  Low cost internet for low income families ($10/month)
Call 1-800-328-6189 for more information

How to Balance Children's Screen Time During the Pandemic
-  The Fathering Project
Activity Guide for Mothers and Daughters (Help Girls Build a Self Esteem - Ages 11-16)
Daily Health and Wellness Inspiration for Caregivers
The Stop Yelling Handbook
Winnipeg Jets Fitness: Adult Strength & Conditioning At Home Series
-  Tips for Parents of Teens
-  WE Well-Being Resources
     -  10 Ways to Lift A Mood
     -  7 Ways to Practice Mindfulness
     -  Take Care of Yourself
Triple P Guide to Parenting During COVID-19
10 Parenting Tips for Parents/Guardians During COVID-19
Coping With the Stress of COVID: Survival Tips for Parents and Caregivers
Renowned Positive Parenting Program (Online With a Fee), Toddler to between (0-12) or Preteen to teens (10-16)

Family Supports and Hotlines

-  Evergreen Basic Needs: Help with Food!  [Elaine Gibbs (204) 642-9736]
-  Women's Resource Centre, Gimli   [Phone: (204) 642-8264]
-  Mobile Crisis Unit  [Phone: (204) 482-5376  or  Toll Free: 1-877-499-8770]
-  Klinic Crisis Line  [Phone: (204) 786-8686  or  Toll Free: 1-888-322-3019]
-  Public Health  [Phone: (204) 642-4595  or  Health Links Toll Free: 1-788-8200]
-  Addictions Foundation Manitoba (AFM) - Phone Counselling and Support  [Kathleen Mulroy: (204)642-5262 extension 2  or]
-  Child and Adolescent Mental Health  [Toll Free: 1-866-757-6205  or  24-Hour Crisis Line Toll Free: 1-866-427-8628]
-  Child and Family Services  [Phone: (204) 642-6051  or  Toll Free: 1-866-475-0215]
Mood Disorders Association of Manitoba  [Warm Line: (204) 786-0987]
-  Anxiety Disorders of Manitoba Support Line  [Phone: (205) 925-0040  or  (204) 925-0600]
-  Anxiety Canada
-  Rainbow Resource Centre (continuing to offer all services and phone/zoom counselling to the 2SLGBTQ+ community)
-  Manitoba Suicide Line  [Toll Free: 1-877-435-7170]
Resources: Dealing with Trauma/Coping Strategies for Kids
-  Robyn Priest: LYT (several free support groups applicable for parents)​
-  Seneca (mental health support over the phone)  [Seneca Warm Line (204) 942-9276]
Aulneau Renewal Centre (wellness check in by phone)  [Phone: (204) 987-7090] *This is not a counselling session, but a free information/coping session
-  Triple P Parenting Hotline  [Phone: (204) 945-4777  or  Toll Free: 1-877-945-4777]
MB Parent Zone
Manitoba Addictions Helpline  [Toll Free: 1-855-662-6605]
-  24-Hour Problem Gambling Helpline  [Toll Free: 1-800-463-1554]
-  Manitoba Association of Women's Shelter's Confidential Provincial Crisis Line  [Toll Free: 1-877-977-0007]
-  Services/Advocacy/Social Outings for Youth in CFS Care  [Phone: (204) 975-4776]
-  Domestic Violence: Stop the Violence  [Toll Free: 1-877-977-0007] [Nova House Text Line: (204) 805-6682] [Willow Place Text Line: (204) 792-5302]
-  First Nations and Inuit: Hope for Wellness Helpline  [Toll Free: 1-855-242-3310]