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This website shares information about what our children will experience as students in Evergreen School Division. 

You will see evidence of what we hope for all children and how we commit ourselves to achieving our aim to prepare youth to become citizens who will make the world a better place.

At Evergreen School Division we understand and accept that our responsibility to develop young people goes far beyond teaching the academic subjects.  We celebrate our youth leaders, artists, musicians, activists, athletes, and young volunteers. We strive to support the development of well rounded youth through learning activities in the classroom, via school clubs, extra curricular activities and field trips.  We are proud of the rich variety and depth of challenging opportunities available to our children.

We enhance our ability to be responsive to individual student needs and the changing needs of young people by investing in professional learning for staff, by reaching out to the community and by involving parents in their children's education.  

Our daily actions, attitudes and approaches provide the experiences that children interpret as they learn today to improve tomorrow.  Let us help each other in this noble work.

Please contact your local school if you wish to contribute to supporting the development of young people, or if you have any questions about the information available on this website. 


Scott Hill

Superintendent and CEO