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Learning Today to Improve Tomorrow


Evergreen School Division will engage students in learning to become contributing citizens of a democratic society

In recognition of Traditional Lands, the Division acknowledges:

We acknowledge the traditional territory Evergreen School Division resides upon as Treaty One and Treaty Two territory and the Metis homeland. We honour our partnership with Indigenous peoples and respect the gifts of history, culture and language of Canadaโ€™s original peoples. We commit to moving forward in  partnership with Indigenous peoples and communities in a spirit of collaboration and reconciliation. 

Educational Values and Beliefs

Students Come First

Ensuring student success is our goal. Achieving this goal requires a recognition that every student is capable of learning. Resources must be in place to ensure our diverse student population meets its learning needs.

Learning is Our Core Purpose

Learning empowers students to achieve their potential. It requires engagement in relevant learning experiences in a safe, caring and respectful environment โ€” an environment that promotes positive relationships and well-being.

Public Education Serves the Common Good

Public education is essential for a vibrant democracy and a sustainable future. It prepares citizens to work toward the betterment of their family, community and the world. Public education is a shared responsibility of the home, school and community. It requires balancing academic, socio-emotional and physical development.