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SCHOOL HOURS:  Balanced School Day

8:40 – Playground supervision begins. Students are not to be at the school before this time. They need to enter via the back playground entrances.

8:50 – Entry Bell: Students enter schoolWelcome Back.jpg

First Break:

10:45 – 11:00 – Nutrition Break

11:00 – 11:20 – Activity Break

Second Break:

1:00 – 1:25 – Nutrition Break

1:25 – 1:55 – Activity Break

3:25 – Students prepare for dismissal

3:30 – Students are dismissed

4:00 – Office closes

Please keep these break times in mind when scheduling or picking students up for appointments, etc.



Strong Beginnings is an assessment period at the beginning of the school year where teachers gather student assessment data through observations, conversations, learning activities, paper/pencil tasks, and student reflections about interests and learning.

Strong Beginnings happens throughout the first few weeks of school but also includes two special days that are designated for conferences where students attend school by appointment. This process enables us to plan for a "Strong Beginning" for each student.

On either Friday, September 18th or Monday, September 21st, each student from Kindergarten to Grade Seven will attend school by appointment for 60 minutes.

There will be NO regular classes on those two days. During the appointment, the student will meet individually with their teacher, as well as work with another teacher or Education Assistant.

This is an opportunity for teachers to gather data about each child's learning that may not be evident during whole class assessment activities. It is also a chance to further develop the teacher-student relationship.

Appointment times will be sent home early in September. Schedule changes are very difficult to accommodate.  Call the school if you have concerns.


NUTRITION BREAKNutrition Break.jpg

Help your child plan for the nutrition breaks – pack what you would usually pack for a healthy snack and lunch break but explain they are to eat half of it at first break and half at second break. Teachers will also remind students for the first few weeks.



The Grade 7s will continue to provide a school canteen again this year. They use all profits raised to help with their year-end overnight field trip to Winnipeg! The canteen will be open starting Monday, September 14, 2015 and students may purchase items at the start of the second break only.



Students are not to bring any soft drinks (pop) or energy drinks to school for consumption during school hours.

Juices are available from our drink machine. All students and staff have access to water throughout the day and are encouraged to bring water/ water bottles to school.  A bottle refill fountain is located at the front entrance.  This supports our efforts in regards to the Manitoba Healthy Schools and Sustainability initiatives.



Just a reminder that all school fees (agenda fees, craft fees, band fees, etc.) are now due. Please send them with your child if you have not done so as yet.  Thank you.


If you know of any four year olds who have not registered for "Junior Kindergarten" as yet, please encourage them to drop by the school office to register.




Unfortunately due to the large number of NSF cheques we deal with each year, we have implemented a NSF charge.  If your cheque is returned, we will need payment in cash, as well as a $20.00 fee to cover bank charges.


A reminder to all Grades 6 and 7 students to make the necessary arrangements around getting their instruments. Band is a compulsory part of the Middle Years Music Program and being prepared for class means having your instrument.Instruments.png



All students are welcome to come and have a healthy start to their day by joining us for the Breakfast Program.

Where:  Room 12 (Multi-Purpose Room)BP.jpg

When:  Every morning

Starts:  September 14th

Time:  8:40 – 8:55 am



Our school utilizes a call back system regarding your child's absenteeism. If your child is going to be absent for any reason, please call the school to indicate to us that your child will not be here and the reason for the absence. If we do not hear from you, the secretary will phone you. This call back arrangement will ensure that your child is safe and accounted for at all times.

It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to ensure that each child attend school regularly and punctually in accordance with the provisions of The Public Schools Act and of Evergreen School Division.



Winnipeg Beach School welcomes Ms. Makayla Dyck to our school as a student teacher this year. She will be working with Ms. Cranston and her students.



In an effort to keep our parking lot as safe as possible and to make it more workable for more people, please follow the following "parking lots rules":

  • No parking, no loading at the southeast end of the parking lot (area in front of main entrance sidewalk); this area is for drivers with a handicap parking pass only; nor is it a turnaround spot.
  • Parents waiting for their children may park along the south sidewalk up to the no parking zone or along the east side of the parking lot.
  • Parents parking and coming into the school are asked to use the visitors' parking along the east side of the parking lot.
  • Do not park along the west side of the parking lot as this blocks staff from leaving.
  • Please remember school zones are no idle zones as mandated by the province; do not leave your car running.
  • Please enter the parking lot from the west entrance and leave via the north exit.
  • Students on bikes must wait until buses have left the bus loop before leaving the bike rack area.

Thank you for your support.Car.jpg

If you have any questions please contact the office.



Students in Grades 1 to 7 have access to microwaves in their classrooms for warming food at the second break. Each teacher will be sending home a microwave schedule listing your child's assigned day(s).

  • Don't forget to send something to place the food items on or in when they get zapped.
  • Make sure food needs to be warmed up only, not defrosted/cooked (we do not have enough time for this to happen)

    Please ensure you send any needed cutlery with your child as the school does not provide such.

Thank you for your cooperation.



When parents have concerns about issues involving their child's education (academic or behaviour) they should bring it to the attention of the classroom teacher first. Please call to set up a convenient time for both parent and teacher.  If you can't resolve the issue, talk to the principal. If that doesn't work, you can contact the Superintendent's office. If that doesn't work, you can contact the Board of Trustees.



If you are interested in volunteering at the school this year, please contact the office to complete a Child Abuse Registry Check / Criminal Record Check.

Please note that all volunteers for any function or activity in the school need to do this paperwork.



If for any reason you are picking up your child during school hours, please report to the office first, as you need to sign your child out. The secretary will call your child out of class. This helps us keep track of students in the building should there be a fire drill etc.


Please assume your child will be going outdoors for recess every day. Please send and / or dress them in clothing appropriate for the forecast. If weather is "horrible", we of course, will remain indoors.



Please check the Parent tab at the top of this website for information on policies and procedures.

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