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​​​​​Willy.pngOCTOBER 2015



Staff Recognition.jpgAt Evergreen School Division's Inservice day on Wednesday, September 30, 2015, several of our staff members were honored for their years of service to Evergreen School Division. We are proud to have them on our "team" and pass on a Wally Wildcat roar of "CONGRATULATIONS" to all!

  • 5 YEARS: Shawna Rudd (Principal), Alison Berthaudin (Asst. Principal/ Resource Teacher), Keith Dandurand (Custodian)
  • 15 YEARS: Colleen Zelenitsky (Educational Assistant)
  • ​And 25 YEARS: Paula Campbell (Grade 4 – 5 Teacher)!!



We have already had three fire drills with mo​re to come this fall. All schools in Manitoba must do 10 fire drills per school year. We will be having our first lockdown practice in October. We practice so that all staff and students know what to do in the event of an emergency. Fire Drill.jpg​


On Friday, October 30th

  • Kindergarten to Grade 7 will be having a Halloween parade in the Gym at 2:15pm.Happy Halloween.gif
  • Parents and younger siblings that would like to join us should be in the gym by 2:15 p.m. 
  • Students will be given time after the second activity break (at 1:55) to change into their costumes
  • Students should not wear any costumes that promote violence
  • Weapons of any kind (including pretend) are not to be brought to school
  • Following the parade each classroom will be planning a small party
  • Teachers will be sending home more information at a later date


WBS staff encourage all families to make a safe trick or treating plan.

  • Plan your route
  • Accompany young children
  • Travel in groups
  • Wait outside a house, don't go in unless your parent okays it
  • Discuss what to do if a problem arises
  • Go through your child's treat bag before they indulge


  • We are a PEANUT FREE school; this means we recognize that many students have life threatening allergies and for many children, that is to peanuts.  We ask families to not send peanut butter sandwiches or products containing peanuts. Peanut Free.png
  • ​We do NOT provide cutlery; please ensure your child comes with the necessary utensils to eat his / her food items 
  • Gym floors take a lot of wear and tear and a lot of special care, money and attention goes into keeping them in good shape; students must not wear outside shoes in the gym and there is no eating or drinking in the gym Shoe.png
  • Because of an increasing number of students with environmental allergies, pets cannot come to school without prior planning and preparation. ESD policy requires administration to know about all pet visits, and for all parents of the class where animal is to be visiting, to also be notified. So no matter how cute your new kitten or dog is, please don't just drop by.Dog.gif
  • Only bus students can ride the bus to and from school; regular bus students may ride on a different bus if they have pre – approval from a parent (signed note / message in agenda) and the bus has room for an extra passenger; in exceptional circumstances (family emergencies) we will allow non - bus students to ride the bus; birthday parties / play dates are not emergencies.Bus.jpg

If you are interested in volunteering at the school this year, please contact the office to complete a Child Abuse Registry Check / Criminal Record Check. Please note that all volunteers for any function or activity in the school need to do this paperwork. 

Picture Day this year is on Monday, October 26, 2015. 

Proofs will be sent home shortly thereafter.  At that point, you choose your package and send in any money owing.  A flyer will be coming home later this month that allows you to pre-select your pose and background color if you wish.  Pictures will be taken of all our Kindergarten to Grade 7 students as we need them for our student records.  Don't forget to wear bright solid colored clothing. 

Retakes will be on November 23, 2015. 


Recycle.pngStudents from Grade 5 make up our School Recycling Team. They work with Mr. Gibson and Mrs. Campbell. Every classroom in our school has a bin for recycling. We also have recycling bins in the hallway and outside courtesy of Recycle Everywhere. Thank you to our student volunteers who collect the recycling and prepare it for pick –up.



Our older students have started on many of the student helper jobs around the school. We have students who are helping in the Early Years classrooms at Nutrition Break, in the canteen, as morning announcers, at assemblies and as gym helpers. Keep an eye out for them and let them know when they're doing a great job! We really appreciate all the ways they help out their school.

WE DAY We Day.jpg
The students in Grades 6 and 7 have been told that our school has received 26 tickets to We Day this year (24 students and 2 adults).

"Fuelled by the desire for change, and the hope that the world can be a better place, We Day is the call that brings a generation together. More than just one day of celebration and inspiration, Free the Children's We Day is youth leading local and global change."

We Day will be held at the M.T.S. Center on November 16th where almost 18,000 youth will gather and learn how they can make a positive impact on the world. Check out the We Day website to see who will be speaking and performing at this year's event.

Mr. Gibson and Mr. Ewert will go over the selection criteria with their classes early this month and the participants will be announced before month end.



Students in Grade 5 will be taking part in swimming lessons for 8 days at the end of the month at the Lord Selkirk Comp. School.  If you have any questions, please contact the school. Swimming.jpg



Don't forget to check out the TEACHER BLOGS section of this website. Each teacher will post a new blog every month, some more often. Check in regularly!