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​​​​Willy.pngAPRIL 2016​



The Evergreen Festival of the Arts will soon be here! Information on events dates, times, places was sent home on April 4, 2016. If you can attend any of the students' performances, that would be great! If you have any questions, please call the school.

WBS' Spring Fling Concert will be held at the school on Thursday, May 5 at 1:30pm.



Field Trips.gifJust a heads up that when a teacher schedules the class to participate in a special event, be it a play, field trip, speaker, etc., he / she has made that decision with thought. It is connected to something they are learning or to a component of the curriculum (example: viewing and representing in the ELA curriculum).

Students do not have the choice to "opt out" of these events, just as they don't have the choice to opt out of math or gym.

If as their parent you decide to "opt them out", then your child needs to stay home that day as our staff, planning and resources are assigned to the event.

If the "opt out" is due to a student's special needs, the circumstances are different and home and school would make plans together.

If you want to volunteer on field trips, you need to complete the necessary paperwork through the school (child abuse registry / criminal record check). These take a while to process; do not wait until May / June.



Please remember how much kids love puddles and how they seem to find each other, every recess. To help with this, we suggest sending extra socks, and wearing rubber boots and splash pants. Nobody likes to sit around in soggy clothes. Thanks for your help with this.Soggy Socks.gif