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2.0 Human Resources

2.A.   Foundations 

2.A.10        Collective Agreement

2.A.20        Evaluation of Support Personnel: Non Teachers

2.A.22        Guidelines for Staff Acknowledgements

                    2.A.22A: Acknowledgement Form

2.A.30        Leadership Development Program

2.A.40        Non-School Activities of Staff

2.A.45        Organizational Structure

2.A.50        Parent Advisory Council Involvement in Principal Selection

2.A.55        Personal Leave of Absence Guidelines

2.A.60       Paid Administrative Leave for Self-Isolation Period After Work Related Exposure
                 for Non-Teaching Casual Employees

2.A.70        Professional Staff Probation and Accumulated Teaching Service

2.A.75        Reading Recovery

2.A.80        Resignation of Professional Staff Members

2.A.85        Staff Conflict of Interest

2.A.87        Staff Hiring

2.A.87A: Request for Posting - Professional

2.A.87B: Request for Posting - Support Staff

2.A.87H: Employee PHIA Pledge of Confidentiality

2.A.87I: Disclosure of Information

2.A.87J: Workplace Safety and Health Orientation Form

2.A.90        Staff Recognition

2.A.100      Staff Work Load

2.A.110      Student Services Certification

2.B.  Position Descriptions 

2.B.05        Aboriginal Educator

2.B.10        Finance Clerk

2.B.20        Administrative Assistant to Transportation and Maintenance

2.B.30        Administrative Assistant to the Student Services Department and Curriculum

2.B.40        Assistant Superintendent

2.B.45        Buildings Supervisor

2.B.50        Bus Driver

2.B.52        Bus Driver Trainer

2.B.55        Career Development Consultant

2.B.125      Early Childhood Educator

2.B.130      Educational Assistants

2.B.152      Head Mechanic

2.B.153      Journeyman Mechanic

2.B.155      Information Technology (IT) Consultant

2.B.157      Information Technology (IT) Support Technician  

2.B.158      Junior Kindergarten Instructors

2.B.165      Learning Consultant

2.B.170      Library Technician

2.B.180      Literacy and Assessment Consultant

2.B.185      Maintenance Manager

2.B.190      Maintenance Technician

2.B.195      Mathematics Instructional Facilitator

2.B.220      Payroll Administrator and Human Resources

2.B.225      Payroll Clerk

2.B.230      Principal/Vice Principal/Assistant Principal

2.B.240      Resource Teacher

2.B.250      Safety Officer

2.B.255      School Counsellor

2.B.260      School Educational Psychologist

2.B.270      School Secretary

2.B.280      Secretary-Treasurer

2.B.285      Signing Assistant

2.B.286      Signing Interpreter: ASL-English Interpreter

2.B.290      Speech and Language Pathologist

2.B.295      Student Services Coordinator

2.B.296      Learning Coordinator

2.B.297      Student Support Worker

2.B.300      Superintendent/CEO

2.B.310      Teachers

2.B.320      Transportation Assistant

2.B.330      Transportation Manager


2.C   Evaluation and Growth 

2.C.10              Accounts Clerk Evaluation 

2.C.20              Administrative Assistant to the Director of Operations Evaluation

2.C.30              Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent's Department

2.C.60              Caretaker Evaluation

2.C.130            Educational Assistant Evaluation

2.C.150            Head Caretaker Evaluation

2.C.158            Junior Kindergarten Instructor

2.C.160            Library Clerk Evaluation

2.C.220            Payroll Administrator and Human Resources Evaluation

2.C.230            Supervision and Evaluation of Professional Staff: Administration

2.C.240            Supervision and Evaluation: Resource Teachers

                          2.C.240A: Self Assessment - Resource Teacher

                          2.C.240B: Performance Rubrics: Resource Teacher

2.C.255            Supervision and Evaluation: Counsellors

                          2.C.255A: Self Assessment - Counsellors

                          2.C.255B: Performance Rubrics: Counsellors

2.C.260            School Psychologist Evaluation

2.C.270            School Secretary Evaluation

2.C.290            Speech and Language Pathologist Evaluation

2.C.310            Supervision and Evaluation: Teachers

      2.C.310A: Framework for Professional Practice

      2.C.310B: Interim Report on New Professional Staff

      2.C.310C: Professional Growth Plan

      2.C.310D: PGP Reflective Summary

      2.C.310E: Performance Rubrics: Teacher

      2.C.310F: Self-Assessment: Teacher

      2.C.310G: Summative Evaluation Report - Sources of Information

      2.C.310H: Pre-Conference Planner

      2.C.310I: Pre-Conference Principal's Notes

      2.C.310J: Post-Conference Teacher's Reflection Guide

      2.C.310K: Effective Teaching Practices Rubric

      2.C.310L: Summative Evaluation Report - Teacher