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Admin Manual - Introduction


Evergreen School Division has a long and proud tradition of providing quality public education. 

This Manual of Administrative Procedures and Regulations has been developed to enable the Superintendent to fulfill the mandate of public education, the mission of the school division, and to guide the prudent stewardship of Evergreen resources. This manual is intended to help all administrators support the vision and mission of the division while meeting the learning needs of students, of teachers, and of the community.

This Manual is operationalizes the Board Policy Manual of Evergreen School Division. The procedures within this document reflect the requirements of the school division and reflect provincial legislation and priorities as outlined in The Public Schools Act, The Education Administration Act, The Safe Schools Charter, The Workplace Safety and Health Act, Appropriate Educational Programming in Manitoba: standards for student services, PHIA (Personal Health Information Act) and FIPPA (Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act). Compliance with federal legislation including The Charter of Rights and Freedoms and The Constitution Act are also reflected within the policies and procedures of Evergreen School Division.

Underlying these administrative procedures are the basic assumptions that all employees of Evergreen School Division work ethically and mindfully towards achieving the mission of the school division.

The procedures reflected in this Manual are authorized by the Evergreen Board Policy Manual, in particular Policy 4.4 – Governance Model of the Board, and Policy 13.2 – Board and Superintendent/CEO Relationship.