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8.0 Safe Schools

8.00 A     Serious Incident Report

8.00 B      Severe Accident Report

8.10    Abuse: Suspected Child Abuse
8.10 A: Suspected Child Abuse Report
8.10 B: Observation Log

8.12    Accidents: Non-Students
8.12 A: Employee / Non-Student Accident Incident Report form
8.13    Accidents: Students
8.13 A: Student Accident Incident Report form
8.13 B: Student Accident Parent Cover Letter
8.13 C: Universal Student Accident Insurance
8.13 D: Voluntary Student Accident Insurance
8.15    Concussion Protocol Procedure

8.21     Evacuation
8.22     Lockdown (Leadership access only)
8.23     School Closures / Bus Cancellations
 8.23 A: Winter Weather and Child Safety Memo

8.30    Bomb Threat (Leadership access only)
8.30 A: Bomb Threat Info Card
8.32    Crisis Response (response to tragedy/trauma) (Leadership access only)
8.32 A: Crisis Response Checklist
8.32 B: Crisis Response: Teacher Package
8.34    Emergency Response Plans
8.34 A: Emergency Contacts (Leadership access only)
8.34 B: Telephone Tree
8.34 C:  School / Building Specifics (ERP team members, "sweep plan", first aid, etc.)
8.34 D: Floor Plan and Evacuation Routes
8.35    Emergency Response Plans – Non School Buildings
8.36    Pandemic Response
           8.361 Mandatory Covid-19 Testing of Staff
8.38    Practice Drills
8.38 A: Practice Drills Sample Letter
8.38 B: Evacuation Drill Report
8.38 C: Lockdown Drill Report
8.40    Risk Assessment/Threat Assessment (Leadership access only)
8.40 A: Threat Incident Report
8.40 B: Threat Level Review
8.40 C: Intervention Plan
8.40 D: Risk Incident Report
8.42   Severe Weather
8.44   Trespassers
8.44 A: Sample Letters
8.44 B: Trespassing Report

8.62    Demonstrations and Strikes
8.64    Fire Prevention
8.65    Police Intervention and Communication
8.65 A:  Police Intervention and Communication
8.66    Scent / Fragrance Aware
8.68    Smoke, Tobacco and Vapour Free Environment
8.70    Vendors in Schools
8.72    Video Surveillance
8.72 A: Video Surveillance System Log
8.74    Visitors in Schools

8.80    Off-School Site Programs and Activities
8.80 A: Off-Site Activity Proposal
8.80 B:  Off-Site Activity Detailed Plan
8.80 C:  Off-Site Activity Checklist
8.80 D:  Off-Site Activity Consent
8.80 E:  Off-Site Activity Emergency Medical Information
8.80 F: Sample Letters

8.90    Workplace Safety and Health Program
8.90 A: Workplace Safety and Health Inspection Checklist
8.90 B: Reporting a Concern
8.92    Harassment Prevention (WSH)
8.92 A: Harassment Documentation
8.94    Hearing Conservation and Noise Control (WSH)
8.96    Working Alone / Working in Isolation Guidelines (WSH)
8.96 A: Working Alone Plan
8.96 B: Working in Isolation Plan
8.96 C: Working Alone / Working in Isolation Log
8.98    Workplace Violence Prevention (WSH)
8.98 A: Employee Violent Incident Report